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Ann Arbor Schools

Ann Arbor Schools


Ann Arbor Public Schools partnered with Macprofessionals recently on two major projects. The firs project was to upgrade the AV in every classroom, over 1100 in total, District-wide.

The equipment and services included:

  • Design and Consulting
  • A new ceiling (96W or 99W) or wall Epson projector (475W or 575W)
  • A Lumens Ladybug document camera (owner furnished)
  • Installation and configuration of all equipment

In addition, an upgrade of 400 new Front Row Pro Digital sound field amplifiers, microphones – both teacher and student – and IR sensors are currently scheduled for installation.

The second project was

  • Consulting on approach and best practices
  •  Assisted in consulting and setup of Filewave MDM
  • Creation of 5000 Apple ID’s
  • Provisioning of 1000 iPads, including enrollment into MDM, app deployment, asset tagging, and delivery
  • Provisioning of 3000 MacBooks including enrollment into MDM, asset tagging, and delivery
  • Hardware repair
  • Client Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Date January 10, 2016
  • Tags Education

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