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For over 10 years, as an Apple Professional Service Provider for Education and Enterprise, Macprofessionals has rolled out advanced Apple platform projects and scaled deployments in all 50 states. Beginning with hundreds of server-based solutions and hundreds of video storage environments, and later to the largest deployments of iPads and Macs in the U.S. We are proud of our strong relationship and continue to strive to be Apple’s partner of first resort. Apple Professional Services has packaged many of these service offerings and examples can be found below.

Configuration Services (1-4 days)
Configuration Services provide tailored assistance in integrating Mac and iPad into your infrastructure. An engineer will work with you at your location to make sure your Apple implementation is optimally configured, and most importantly, that you learn the skills you need to maintain your deployed solution. Examples of some configuration services include:

  • OS X Server setup
  • Profile Manager configuration
  • Caching Server setup
  • Apple Deployment Programs integration
  • Active Directory integration
  • Image Creation and Consulting
Deployment Services (per device)
Deployment Services provide preconfigured and ready-to-use Mac and iPad devices. A Mac image or iPad configuration that’s either prebuilt or created with our Configuration Services can be loaded onto each device. Deployment Services can reduce device preparation labor costs and help put Mac and iPad into the classroom more quickly. Examples of some deployment services include:
  • Mac imaging
  • iPad provisioning
  • Mobile device management (MDM) enrollment
  • Loading dock delivery or classroom delivery with physical setup
  • Packaging and waste removal
  • Recycling old computer equipment
  • Asset Tagging
  • Engraving
Remote Consulting (4-hour increments)
Remote Consulting services put you in touch with a certified and qualified engineer using a combination of screen sharing and phone conversations. Remote Consulting is offered at a lower cost than our onsite Configuration Services, and is a great option for small projects or ongoing coaching for your Apple implementation. Examples of some remotee consulting include:
  • Post-deployment questions
  • Best practices consulting
  • Apple Deployment Programs (DEP, VPP, Student Portal, etc) assistance
  • Deploying a service with OS X Server
  • Apple Configurator setup and knowledge transfer
  • Tailored coaching and knowledge transfer
Getting Started Packs

Getting Started Packs are designed to highlight best practices. Getting Started Packs are helpful if you’re new to Apple or need coaching when deploying and managing your Apple devices. About half of the engagement time is spent providing coaching on how to manage your solution. We provide two different getting service packages for Apple. Getting Started: Designing and Preparing an iPad Deployment and Getting Started: Deploying iPad.

For a list of all Apple Professional Services offerings, you can find Apple’s Apple Professional Services offerings catalog here:
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