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NBA Teams

Macprofessionals has partnered with multiple NBA franchises to deliver game video analysis tools. Using top of the line SSD equipped MacBook Pro laptops, coaches are able to record, edit and tag self-gathered video or network feeds for dissection. In the team practice facility, the Macprofessionals engineering team leveraged their experience in broadcast integration to build 16 channels of high definition video ingest, with a combination of Mac Mini Servers and high speed fibre or SAS storage. The result is a RAID protected solution empowering Video Coordinators to digitize every game in the league simultaneously. The metadata catalogue empowers coaches to recall precise game time scenarios using search terms that are customized to fit their offensive and defensive philosophies. This combination of hardware and software has resulted in faster results in post-game discussions, enabling coaches to evaluate strategy during halftime and immediately after games. Long battery life and industry-leading displays ensure coaches and players a precise review session in the locker room, bus or team plane.

In addition to providing server and client setup, Macprofessionals support is available for remote and on-site support sessions, ensuring coaches and video coordinators high uptime. With a 12 year history troubleshooting every aspect of video production, Macprofessionals support staff have an extensive knowledge base integrating products from Canopus, AJA Video Systems, Black Magic Design, and Matrox Video, providing a clear escalation path for troubleshooting issues.

  • Client NBA Teams
  • Date August 12, 2015
  • Tags Business, Video and Film

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